We’re Doomed!

16 12 2009

I found a site out there that is devoted to our lovely golden robot, and or finicky protocol droid. The site is titled We’re Doomed. From what I gather about the site it is a site added to thefanlistings.org in honor of C-3PO. What a great idea, and some cool graphics to boot.

The idea of the site is to go to their “codes” page and attach a banner that they have presented to your website and it links back to them. This is another great idea, for two reasons: 1. It is a C-3PO fan banner, and 2. It is using links to keep the Internet connected 🙂

so here is a link to the banner sheet please help support C-3PO and all the C-3PO fans out there.

Here I will display the banners brought to you by the C-3PO Fanlisting.


Link them back to: http://collective.eternal-hopes.com/c3po/

All Codes From Anne!

31 x 88

50 x 50

50 x 100

75 x 50

88 x 31

100 x 35

Another C-3PO fan site

10 12 2009

I actually found 2 of them but they were attached to each other so I can not take too much credit for finding both. Anyway, I found a Zine devoted to C-3PO on Zimbo. It is along the same lines as this blog, an internet collection of C-3PO related tid-bits. Here is the link C-3PO Zine.

And from the Zine I found a Wikizine also devoted to the Golden Robot, located here: Wikizine of C-3PO

Another life size C-3PO, but made from LEGOS…

2 12 2009

I found this set of images on GIZMOD with a life sized Indiana Jones and a Strom Trooper… and was amazed at the details that were accomplished with using Legos. I also thought it would be in good taste if this week’s post was another life sized C-3PO, in relation to last week’s post. SO here is the image gallery below, click on the image for the full version… and if you would like to see the Gizmod version click here!