C-3PO Dances – Fan art

18 02 2010

A collection of fan art devoted to C-3PO Dancing

C-3PO Sneakers: Nike Blazer ‘C3PO’ Customs Always Wired

10 02 2010

With Adiddas’ latest fashion movement embracing Star Wars themed foot wear and apperal, I was surprised that I haven’t seen a C-3PO version leaked onto the Internet yet. Being that C-3PO fashion seems to be making it’s way into the mainstream, a venture of research was undertaken to located a C-3PO shoe. What was found was not that produced by Adiddas, but by rival Nike found on widefashion.com

The article read as follows:
Opulence can be measured in the quantity of gold you have in your possession. It goes without saying that wearing this sneaker will give you the looks of opulence beyond doubt.

The Nike Blazer ‘C3PO’ Customs sneaker is without doubt an attractive footwear that will make you proud. If you’re a Star Wars fan then the name would definitely ring a bell. C3PO is surely one of the lovable characters in the series which got the fancy of movie freaks.

The sneaker comes in a gold foil material making it a real C3PO look-alike, except that it doesn’t talk like a robot. It does have all the shine and charisma of C3PO which has captivated fans of all ages the world over. The silver strip on the midsole is reminiscent of C3PO’s silver right leg in the movie.

You have to get the Nike Blazer ‘C3PO’ Customs sneaker if only for the translucent Nike swoosh with different colored wires inside. The wires are just right to keep C3PO always wired and reconfigured.


Fashion Model Wears $159,000 C-3PO Leggings

2 02 2010

C-3PO is making his way into the realm of fashion, stemming out of being a novelty print into the world of high fashion with high price tags. This example was found on Gizmodo.com The video via style.com and full article can be viewed by clicking on the image above. The article mentioned “…the work of Nicolas Ghesqui re. He imagines what the future of fashion will look like and still manages to be respected by the NYT…” and how the hit of the show was “…these golden C-3PO leggings, Star Wars come to life (without the annoying robot attached). Unfortunately, at $159,000, we’ll have to wait…”

This is one example of what I hope is an ever growing trend in C-3PO fashion… who saw that coming?