Black C-3PO

29 10 2011

Found this on Funny or Die, thought I would share it with you.

During the re-release of the original Star Wars movies to Blu-Ray, George Lucas had been toying with the idea of having a “more modern, urban sounding” C-3PO. This was the result.

Construction paper C-3PO

17 10 2010

A musician Jeremy Messersmith, composed a reproduction of Star Wars, completely out of construction paper. This was down for his music video for his song “Tatooine.”

check it out here

Star Wars – Galactic Empire State of Mind

10 08 2010

Although this video is not specific to C-3PO, we are going to let it slide this one time, because it is so worth showing you this video. C-3PO does make an appearance (42 sec & 1min 20sec), and busts a move. If you haven’t seen it yet now is your chance.This video is a parody on Jay-Z’s New York State of Mind. Also, if your lady friend isn’t a Star Wars fan, this song could help her get the jist of the story line! So sit back and enjoy!

This video was found originally on and the version below was found on youtube for embedding purposes.

C-3PO Dances – Fan art

18 02 2010

A collection of fan art devoted to C-3PO Dancing

1978: Bizarre Star Wars Japanese commercial.

26 01 2010

A fan found this Bizarre Star Wars themed commercial for some Japanese food product named Hagoromo which is some sort of wing by definition, found on C-3PO has a wonderful little prance throughout the video, only further supporting the gay golden robot debate. Robots shouldn’t move that way for future reference, anyway… enjoy the commercial.
C-3PO Japanese commercial

If Star Wars Were Made in France – Video

11 01 2010

a friend of mine sent me this link to put up on the site, it is definitely disturbing in all forms, but a great watch to see C-3PO dance the night away!

SNL: Star Wars Auditions — Richard Dreyfuss (impersonation) as C-3PO

3 11 2009

This is one of my all time favorite SNL Skits, and the Richard Dreyfuss audition for C-3PO cracks me up every time. The entire clip is worth watching but for you hard core C-3PO fans out there, its 52 seconds in.

Unfortunately I am not able to embed the video so here is the link: