C-3PO’s Vegetable Vacation Photos

24 04 2010

Here I am surfing around for some new C-3PO devoted sites and materials for you, when I came across a very interesting web page devoted to C-3PO. It is a display of fan art, the purpose of this page is unknown, outside of the obvious region. This web page is a collection of photos of C-3PO on his vacation to a planet that is made of large vegetables. You can view the original page here: http://www.aq.org/~kevin/c3po/

I want to thank this Kevin for this. Below is a reproduction of the web page found on aq.org

Since Lucasfilm Ltd. refused to let C-3PO put these up on his official site, I agreed to put them up on my site.
C-3PO went on a vacation to the planet of the giant vegetables. Yes, there really is a planet of giant vegetables. There is a planet that is all ice. There is a planet that is all desert. There is a planet that is all swamp. So there is a planet that is all giant vegetables.

C-3PO’s first stop was at the green peppers. He wanted to show off that he could climb them, but he got himself stuck, as you can see in the picture below. He did not want to go forwards or backwards for fear of falling. Moments after this picture was taken, he got distracted trying to converse with one of the native giant aphids, and fell anyway.

C-3PO signed up for a big-game hunt. Unfortunately, he didn’t catch anything. Here he is posing next to two giant eggplants that the guide caught.

Moments after this picture was taken, C-3PO was arrested for lewd conduct with vegetables. The next three days of his vacation were taken up bribing various officials to drop the charges.

The lettuce forests of the giant vegetable planet are difficult to pass through, being very dense. Luckily, C-3PO is even more dense, so it was no problem for him

Local legend tells of the Great Onion that will rise up out of the onion patch on All Onions’ Eve. None of the locals really believe it, but C-3PO waited in this onion patch for an entire day. Needless to say, the Great Onion did not appear.

Here is C-3PO “riding the squash”. The less said about this the better.

Here we see C-3PO with just a few of the many varieties of giant tomatoes that grow on the giant vegetable planet. One of the ranch hands started talking about Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, and C-3PO got out of there quickly.

Tired from a full day of bungee jumping, C-3PO rests among the autumn poem, a leafy plant from the eastern part of the giant vegetable planet.

C-3PO was really wiped out the last couple of days of his trip. He mostly just switched his napping position to different vegetable patches. Here he is with the carrots.

And here’s C-3PO napping on the very last day in the shade of this giant zucchini. It was a fun vacation, but he can’t wait to get home.

C-3PO Dances – Fan art

18 02 2010

A collection of fan art devoted to C-3PO Dancing

1978: Bizarre Star Wars Japanese commercial.

26 01 2010

A fan found this Bizarre Star Wars themed commercial for some Japanese food product named Hagoromo which is some sort of wing by definition, found on WIMP.com. C-3PO has a wonderful little prance throughout the video, only further supporting the gay golden robot debate. Robots shouldn’t move that way for future reference, anyway… enjoy the commercial.
C-3PO Japanese commercial

If Star Wars Were Made in France – Video

11 01 2010

a friend of mine sent me this link to put up on the site, it is definitely disturbing in all forms, but a great watch to see C-3PO dance the night away!

Best of C-3P0 on YTMND

20 08 2009


This is the best of a collection of C-3P0 found on YTMND
for the whole list: http://www.ytmnd.com/keyword/c3po

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