1978: Bizarre Star Wars Japanese commercial.

26 01 2010

A fan found this Bizarre Star Wars themed commercial for some Japanese food product named Hagoromo which is some sort of wing by definition, found on WIMP.com. C-3PO has a wonderful little prance throughout the video, only further supporting the gay golden robot debate. Robots shouldn’t move that way for future reference, anyway… enjoy the commercial.
C-3PO Japanese commercial

If Star Wars Were Made in France – Video

11 01 2010

a friend of mine sent me this link to put up on the site, it is definitely disturbing in all forms, but a great watch to see C-3PO dance the night away!

C3PO Comes Clean

17 11 2009

This is an article I found on the Internet… I know how wild “the Internet” it’s an old one but funny enough. Featured on Cracked.com Someone (Steve Kiley) out there in the far off time of 2005 (December 15th) decided he would write an homoerotic fantasy of the supposed homosexual exploits of C-3PO from a first person point of view. Yet another chapter in the Gay Golden Robot theory out there… also a Freudian field day with the author. It was an entertaining read though so without further ado; I present to you:

C3PO Comes Clean

I must say that the impending destruction of the Death Star is a bit troubling. Sure, from the outside it is an architectural monstrosity, but the interior is quite elegantly designed. The window treatments in the Vader suite are simply breathtaking!

I’m such a bitch, I can’t believe I told you I’ve been to the Vader suite! OK, well if you must know, before all this war craziness started again, Lord Vader and I were almost an item. It was back when the Dark Side was at its peak and he held a little cocktail party. Everybody was there: Boba Fett, Jabba the Hutt, Ula the Dancing Girl-you name ’em!

After a couple of white wine spritzers, Vader was all over me. A bit of a lightweight with the booze, between you and I. The things he said to me that night…

“C-3PO, I hear that gold is a very pliable metal.”

“You, me, a bottle of Dom and lot of WD-40. We’ll put on a little Neal Diamond and I’ll let you wear my cape.”

“I hope one of the six million languages you speak is a naughty one.”

All with that heavy breathing. I nearly blew a fuse.

Our little affair never happened. Vader switched to Scotch and started his ventriloquist choking act. He killed eight storm troopers that night. Such a diva.

The next few weeks he acted all butch so that everyone would forget what a slut he was at the party. Everywhere I went, he mocked the way I walked. Every time I entered a room, he would announce the presence of the “resident golden queer.”

When the chance came to hitch a ride off that negativity train with the adorable Leia, I jumped on it. Leia is a good person. That being said, her choice of wardrobe and hairstyle is fucking ridiculous.

The ride off of the ship was a pleasant one, as the lovely R2D2 was at my side. For all of his annoying ‘bleeps’ and ‘bloops’ and his insistence that robots with wheels have no sexual preference, that little guy is the perfect height for a vigorous face fucking!

Little did I know, my travels would soon connect me with the gorgeous Luke Skywalker. I think I am in love. I have had a tough time letting my guard down after the Vader fiasco. The good news with Luke is that judging from his attire, feathered hair and delicate features, he’ got to be out of the closet.

Many of the fellas coo over that bad boy Hans Solo and say he is queer as a three-dollar galactic credit, but I fear he’ just along for the ride. I see the way he looks at Leia. Plus, his dog Chewbacca is entirely too big for him to be gay.

The gang is sad about the demise of Obi-Wan. Not me. That British queen made more passes at me than Elizabeth II around the moors. I needed a few days and a good welder after one weekend on the same ship with him.

The thing about Jedis is that they’ll fuck anything. And let’ face facts, a Jedi can claim he’ straight, or has sworn an oath to this or that, but it’ all a front. There was that scandal with the
little boys all those years back-some say that is why young Anakin turned into such a bitch in his teens. God only knows what Obi Wan did to him on all those long journeys to the Degoba System.

Let’ just say I’ve been servant to some of the greatest Jedis and there’ a reason why I walk so
funny today.

Tomorrow is the big day. Luke and the gang will fly off to destroy the evil, but smartly decorated Death Star. I wish them well. Their plan looks so complicated. They need to penetrate the exterior of the well-mounded evil orb. Then they have to forge ahead until the see the gaping hole. One good shot right up the hole and into a long canal will make that ship explode with delight”¦ er, I mean blow it to bits.

I just know that Young Skywalker can hit that money shot.

If you would like to see the article featured on Cracked.com feel free to check it out here: http://www.cracked.com/article_15030_c3po-comes-clean.html

The Silver C-3PO from Empire Strikes Back Explained

20 10 2009

Do you remember watching Empire strikes back, and while in cloud city right before C-3PO gets blasted into pieces, he has a small altercation with another protocol droid that looks identical to him, only he is silver? C-3PO attempts to exchange pleasentries with this protocol droid, and recieves the following response “E chu ta!”

Did you wonder who was that silver C-3PO?

According to the Wookieepdia This protocol droid is named E-3PO


The following text has been taken directly from Wookieepdia

E-3PO units were a subset of the 3PO-series protocol droid line. Developed for Imperial use, E-3POs possessed the TechSpan I propriety module, which allowed them to interface with a wide variety of networks employed by the Galactic Empire. Their obscure and rare status led to E-3PO units developing arrogant, superior, and haughty attitudes, which would gain them a degree of notoriety throughout the galaxy.

During the Galactic Civil War, the E-3PO production line on Mechis III was commandeered by the megalomaniac assassin droid IG-88A. Supplanting their standard programming with his own sleeper version, IG-88A had the E-3PO droids serve as his spies throughout the galaxy as part of his Droid Revolution. While normally, the new programming would eventually become evident, the natural demeanor of the E-3POs masked it.

Functions and capabilities

A subset of the 3PO-series protocol droid model, E-3PO units possessed the TechSpan I module, which allowed them to interface Imperial networks. It also allowed them to interact with rare or obscure technologies produced by Imperial subcontractors. The E-3PO units, greatly limited and highly expensive, were aware of their prestigious status, and the awareness was, in turn, reflected in their metaprogramming. In time, E-3PO units would exhibit a superior attitude, and haughty behavior. In keeping with their limited numbers, E-3PO units rarely applied identifiers to their serial number, often just going by the name of “E-3PO.”[1]


he E-3PO line of protocol droids was produced during the Galactic Civil War on the factory world of Mechis III. Given the TechSpan I technology, their purpose was to interact with many different kinds of disparate Imperial networks. In time, the E-3PO units became aware of their own exclusivity, and became notoriously brusque and rude by protocol droid standards. That flaw in their personality and programming inspired IG-88A to use the E-3POs as his spies throughout the galaxy to help implement his Droid Revolution. His own sleeper programming, which caused personality aberrations, was masked by the natural temperament of the E-3PO. Modifying the droids on Mechis III, he dispatched scores of Imperial commissioned droids throughout the galaxy, with their alterations totally unknown to their owners.[1]

Following the first demise of Emperor Palpatine during the Battle of Endor and the subsequent rise of the New Republic, New Republic Intelligence Service agents were able to acquire an E-3PO unit that had served on Cloud City, Bespin. Unfortunately for the agents, the E-3PO’s TechSpan I module had been removed.[1]

E-3PO units in the galaxy

An E-3PO was owned by Korlana Toryn during the Clone Wars and it accompanied her to Nar Shaddaa when she went into hiding there.[2]

Originally assigned to Darth Vader’s Death Squadron, one particular E-3PO unit was transferred to Cloud City, where he served as a translator for Ugnaught engineers.[1] In 3 ABY, he was able to assist IG-88B, by passing on information about the rival bounty hunter Boba Fett, who was present on Cloud City.[3] The Cloud City-based E-3PO would later have his TechSpan I module removed by an engineer that had tired of his miserable and abrasive attitude.[1]

Behind the scenes


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First appearing in Irvin Kershner’s Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, the E-3PO model of droid was first given its name in the Star Wars Customizable Card Game. The backstory of the droid subset was later established by “The Phantom Calamari” and “ejmacki” through StarWars.com’s Hyperspace feature, “What’s the Story?”. The Databank entry chosen featured introductory text by Tyler Fisher. Information from the entry was later used in 2008’s The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.

E-3PO I feel was made in C-3PO’s image, and is an imperial droid, maybe Darth Vadar had a hand in its design… perhaps he misses C-3PO or maybe C-3PO is secretly working for the Empire.

C-3PO vs. Darth Vader

10 09 2009

A fan clip presented by MookieMovies found on youtube depicting a conversation between the Star wars Characters Darth Vadar and C-3PO the protocol droid. After failing to convert Luke, Vader turns his attention to his other son… C-3PO. This is an excellent addition because it addresses the issue of why Darth Vader never recognized or took notice of C-3PO

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ2Fd1iqKyA