We’re Doomed!

16 12 2009

I found a site out there that is devoted to our lovely golden robot, and or finicky protocol droid. The site is titled We’re Doomed. From what I gather about the site it is a site added to thefanlistings.org in honor of C-3PO. What a great idea, and some cool graphics to boot.

The idea of the site is to go to their “codes” page and attach a banner that they have presented to your website and it links back to them. This is another great idea, for two reasons: 1. It is a C-3PO fan banner, and 2. It is using links to keep the Internet connected 🙂

so here is a link to the banner sheet please help support C-3PO and all the C-3PO fans out there.

Here I will display the banners brought to you by the C-3PO Fanlisting.


Link them back to: http://collective.eternal-hopes.com/c3po/

All Codes From Anne!

31 x 88

50 x 50

50 x 100

75 x 50

88 x 31

100 x 35